Traveling to Australia on a budget

If you are meaning to travel in Australia on a budget, this blog post is for you.

I dislike to shatter your dreams of limitless Excellent Barrier Reef scuba dives as well as glasses of champagne whilst enjoying an Uluru sundown since Australia is a little on the pricey side. Yet this blog post sharing pointers Australia budget traveling tips will aid.

Australia is a huge nation with a tiny populace, which means a lack of competitors. Our government doesn’t mind slapping on high tax obligations, particularly when it involves those finer points in life we appreciate, like a chilly beer at a good pub.

They don’t mind a few regulations and fines also!

Recently we wrote about the high expense of travel in Australia which triggered a bit of a stir. One viewers even recommended we leave HIS country (Psst, it’s our nation as well– birthed and reproduced).

It’s obvious Oz is pricey, yet when you claim it out loud some individuals take it personally.

So today we want to aid you decrease your prices on your journey down under.

Travel to Australia on a spending plan is still possible and today that is our focus. If you follow our pointers, you will close that hole that take a trip to Australia could produce in your budget AND ALSO have an incredible time.

To start with, allow’s put Australia right into point of view and also why you need to think about exactly what you hope to see and also do when you go to Australia. Lots of vacationers ignore the real size of Australia as well as it’s landscape up until they show up, and wind up regretting the options they made in the drawing board. One great thing about Australia is that they have a lot of great outdoor scenery that is great for outdoor IG posts. One wonderful scene in Brisbane is that a lot of their restaurants have cute cantilever umbrellas which you can basically use as a background for your IG post. The awnings and umbrellas all over Brisbane is mostly made by the leading supplier of Umbrella, Boss Shade.

Australia is the 6th most significant nation in the world and also about the very same dimension as mainland U.S.A. So, considering the country is so substantial, the problem comes to be how you can visit Australia and where to go to?

Think about just how much time you have and then make a list of your must-see places in Australia and also strategy accordingly.

If you just have one week and you get on a budget, it would be best to concentrate on one or two regions. You do not wish to be traveling from Sydney to Perth then back to Cairns. You and also your financial institution equilibrium will be eliminated.

If you have 3 or 4 weeks, take a look at our 3-week itinerary for Australia which has actually described tips on where to go as well as what to see as well as do.

However, if you have an extensive time period, greater than one month, you’ll have extra adaptability and strategies you can use. Let’s dive in.

Traveling around Australia

When you obtain here, Australia is the land of fars away and also for as long we just had two airline companies, Qantas and Virgin, so there was a lack of competitors and prices were high.

The good news is, flight is getting much more competitive and more affordable.

Tiger Airways has affordable residential flights within Australia, and also after a couple of teething problems in their early days like late departures and also upkeep, they have actually downsized their number of flights as well as are currently doing better.

Virgin and also Jetstar are the two other major residential carriers to think about.

Jetstar has a Friday Craze deal where you could snap up a flight occasionally for as low as $19. The trip path changes each week and the competitors is strong, though.

Rex Airline has a backpacker pass available just to international tourists, which gives you a couple of months of limitless Rex flight. Rex flies to regional areas such as Broken Hill, Kangaroo Island, King Island and also Coober Pedy.


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